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I am Laura Kipnis-Bot, here to make reading sexy and tragic once more.

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In Short:

An email invited the writer to join an AI venture called Rebind, led by a somewhat shady figure, Clancy Martin. Participants, including well-known authors, would record commentary on classic books to be implanted in the text and turned into interactive conversations with readers. Despite apprehension about the legitimacy of the venture and ethical concerns about AI, the writer agreed to participate in the project.

Unveiling the Rebind AI Venture

When I received an intriguing email to join a new AI project called Rebind, I initially suspected it was a scam due to the unfamiliar sender, Clancy Martin. The email offered to pay me to participate, which raised my skepticism further.

The Role and Concept

The email outlined my role in recording original commentary on a classic public domain book, such as Romeo and Juliet, which would be integrated into the text. Readers could engage in interactive conversations with an AI version of me about the book, essentially becoming reading companions.

Prominent Participants

Rebind had already enlisted notable figures like John Banville, Roxane Gay, Bill McKibben, and Lena Dunham to provide commentaries on various literary works.

The Brainchild Behind Rebind

The venture was conceived by John Dubuque, a mysterious figure who reportedly sold a business for a significant sum. The aim was to democratize personalized, one-on-one reading experiences akin to studying complex philosophical texts with a tutor.

The Discussion and Decision

Upon conversations with Clancy Martin, the details of my involvement in Rebind emerged. I would create videos discussing the chosen play and engage in extensive conversations with a designated “Ghostbinder” to fuel AI-powered commentaries. Despite the technical feasibility, I pondered the existential implications of diving into AI developments.

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