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Embracing Google’s AI Overviews: Learning to Navigate Daily Life

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In Short:

Google has been introducing AI features, including AI Overviews which provide summarized information in search results. However, these summaries have faced criticism for being inaccurate and lacking context. As a result, Google has reduced the number of search queries that trigger AI Overviews. The rollout of these features, and their implications for journalism, are discussed in a podcast with WIRED writers Kate Knibbs and Reece Rogers.

Google AI Overviews Creating Controversy

Google has been actively incorporating AI features into its platforms over the past year. However, the recent rollout of AI Overviews has sparked both excitement and ridicule among users.

AI Overviews Overview

The AI Overviews feature is designed to provide users with summarized key information about their search queries at the top of Google search results. The intention behind this feature is to make searches more efficient and informative by offering links to the sources of the information.

Issues with AI Overviews

Despite the intended purpose, AI Overviews have been criticized for displaying inaccurate information and lacking context. Some users have found the summaries to be incorrect or misleading, while others have noted the lack of attribution to the original sources.

Google’s Response

Google has reportedly reduced the number of search queries that trigger AI Overviews following the backlash. As a result, these auto-generated summaries are now appearing less frequently than when they were initially launched.

Discussion with WIRED Writers

This week, WIRED writers Kate Knibbs and Reece Rogers discuss the rollout of AI Overviews, Google’s management of the feature, and the impact on journalism. They share their insights and experiences with these AI-generated summaries.

For more information, you can read Kate’s story on Google trimming the frequency of AI Overviews, Reece’s story on how his original work was copied by Google’s AI Overviews, and Lauren’s story on the changing landscape of Google Search.


  • Kate recommends Token Supremacy by Zachary Small.
  • Reece recommends the game Balatro.
  • Lauren recommends the poetry book Technelegy by Sasha Stiles.
  • Mike recommends the book Neu Klang: The Definitive History of Krautrock by Christoph Dallach.

Connect with the WIRED Writers:

  • Kate Knibbs – @Knibbs or @extremeknibbs (Threads/IG)
  • Reece Rogers – @reece___rogers
  • Lauren Goode – @LaurenGoode
  • Michael Calore – @snackfight

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