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Discover how Google’s AI overviews function and why you can’t disable them

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In Short:

Google will now show AI-generated summaries for complex queries to quickly understand information from various sources. The summaries may pop up randomly for both simple and complicated questions. The AI Overview is powered by Google’s Gemini model with aspects of the Knowledge Graph. There are concerns about potential inaccuracies, but Google assures that the feature is rooted in quality and safety systems. The rollout is expected outside the US by 2024, potentially impacting over a billion users.

Google’s AI Overviews: What to Expect

Google’s spokesperson, Mallory De Leon, states that AI Overviews are triggered for complex queries to quickly understand information from various sources. These AI-generated summaries appear when Google’s systems determine generative AI can be especially helpful.

Powered by Gemini Model

De Leon mentions that the AI Overview is powered by a customized version of Google’s Gemini model, supplemented with aspects of the company’s Search system, including the Knowledge Graph with billions of general facts.

Ensuring Quality and Safety

De Leon emphasizes that Google has implemented guardrails in their generative AI to prevent low-quality or harmful information from surfacing. The AI Overviews highlight easily verifiable information.

Potential for Inaccuracies

The feature raises concerns about AI hallucinations or inaccuracies. While Google’s Gemini chatbot includes a disclaimer regarding inaccuracies, the AI Overview often simply states that generative AI is experimental.

Maintaining Trust

While AI Overviews aim to save time, it’s recommended to double-check information by clicking through the webpage links. However, there is apprehension about the potential impact on publishers and users.

Future Expansion

Liz Reid, Google’s head of Search, mentioned that AI Overviews are expected to be available for countries outside the United States by the end of 2024. This feature is anticipated to reach over a billion users, but concerns remain about its reliability and trustworthiness.


As Google’s AI Overviews become more prevalent, there are both benefits and risks associated with relying on AI-generated information. Users are encouraged to approach these summaries with caution and verify the information from credible sources.

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