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Co-creator of Generative AI now aims to safeguard it

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In Short:

Illia Polosukhin believes that big companies should not solely determine the future of artificial intelligence. He advocates for a vision of “user-owned AI” where individuals have control over their own data and algorithms. This alternative approach is gaining traction and could lead to a more democratic and inclusive AI ecosystem.

Illia Polosukhin Advocates for User-Owned AI

In an effort to challenge the dominance of big companies in determining the future of artificial intelligence, Illia Polosukhin is pushing for a new approach. He envisions a future where users have ownership and control over AI technologies.

User-Owned AI

Polosukhin’s concept of “user-owned AI” is gaining traction as a potential alternative to the current landscape dominated by tech giants. By giving users ownership rights over AI systems, he hopes to empower individuals and promote transparency in the development and use of AI technologies.

The Future of AI

With Polosukhin’s vision taking shape, the conversation around the future of AI is evolving. By advocating for user ownership, he is challenging the status quo and pushing for a more democratic approach to AI development and deployment.

As the debate continues, it will be interesting to see how Polosukhin’s ideas influence the direction of AI research and policy in the years to come.

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