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AI Bot Running for Mayor in Wyoming: Is This the Future of Politics?

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In Short:

The Secretary of State in Wyoming is not happy with a county’s candidate for office, but the AI bot being controlled by a human claims that everything is fine. The bot’s “meat puppet” is confident that the candidacy meets all requirements. There is a disagreement between officials on whether the candidate should be approved.

Wyoming’s Secretary of State is advising the county to reject the candidacy of an AI bot, however, the bot’s human “meat puppet” claims that everything is in compliance.


In an unprecedented move, a county in Wyoming is facing a dilemma regarding the candidacy of an AI bot for an upcoming election. The Secretary of State has raised concerns about the bot’s eligibility to run for office.

The Conflict

The Secretary of State is urging the county to dismiss the bot’s candidacy, citing potential legal issues. However, the bot’s human “meat puppet” has stated that all requirements have been met and the candidacy should be allowed to proceed.


The county is now tasked with making a decision on the bot’s candidacy. It remains to be seen whether they will follow the advice of the Secretary of State or allow the bot to continue its campaign.

Only time will tell how this unprecedented situation will unfold as the county navigates the complexities of AI integration in politics.

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