Ziften Introduces Managed Detection and Response Services

October 3, 2017

It is no longer a matter of debate –organizations that use the Internet are experiencing cyber-attacks. And without the right tools and expertise, the duration and impact of any breach can be dramatically increased.

Organizations needto improve threat detection and incident response capabilities; but, many lack the necessarypeople, processes, and technologies.To address this challenge, Ziften, the leading provider of all-the-time visibility and control for client devices, servers, and cloud VMs, today announced the introduction of turnkey managed detection and response (MDR) services to augment customer ITand security operations teams.

“According to our recent “Trends in Endpoint Security Study”, sponsored by Ziften and other technology vendors, 51%of respondents report they are looking to deploy endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions in the next 12-24 months,or they are starting to useEDRona limited basis,” said Doug Cahill, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG).

“Further, 35%of organizations who are using or plan to use a managed security service for any aspect of endpoint security areusing, or planto use managed services for theirimplementation of EDR.”“So, while EDR technologies are critical in today’s cyber security tool suite, many organizations simply lack the scale or expertise to implement these tools, butZiften’s new services portfolio promises to address theseEDR challengesfor companies with capabilityor resource constraints,”said Mr. Cahill.

Ziften today announced its new Managed Assess Service for periodically assessing and improving IT and security operations outcomes. Ziften provides “tried and true” assessment processes and actionable reporting and outcomes looking atasset management, asset performance, licensing, vulnerability state, policy compliance, anomalous behaviors, and other security concerns.

These short-term assessments are perfect for pre-mergers and acquisition (M&A) risk assessments, post-M&A roadmap planning, periodic compliance checks, and pre-cloud migration planning and preparation.

Ziften also announced its new Managed Hunt Service for 24/7 managed endpoint detection and response (MDR) services for client devices, servers, and cloud virtual machines (VMs).

The service delivers provenhunting and incident response processes and highly experienced personnel providing customers with thorough threat hunting and immediate remote incident response assistance and guidanceto minimize attack dwell times.Customers can now implement EDR technologies without having to expand their security teams, or can use Ziften’s MDR servicesto augment their team while they mature their own security expertise, processes, and procedures.

Additionally, Ziften announced itsnew Managed Respond Service for 24/7, on-demand incident response expertise and capacity. This unique service allows customers to request remote and/or on-site incident response escalation forimmediate event evaluation and triage, look-back forensics of confirmed threats to identify kill chain and root cause, and recommended policy actions based on investigations and response activities.

“There is huge demand for endpoint systems and security operations solutions that deliver holistic risk management,and threat detection and response,” said Charles Leaver, Chief Executive Officer of Ziften. “But in many of our initial conversations with potential customers, we find that a lack of resource capacity, or security expertise limits their ability to implement these meaningful technologies. With Ziften’s new managed services, we canhelp customers overcome these limitations andimprove their overall security postures and capabilities.”

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