‘We will see a rapid shift in the telecom landscape in India’

July 6, 2014

fdiUS-based Syniverse Technologies helps telecom companies around the world to quickly react to market changes and demands, enabling the delivery of everything from voice calls to sophisticated data and video services wherever and whenever subscribers need them. In India, the company is at the back of the system that runs Mobile Number Portability and is looking to offer location-based services to telcos. Joe DiFonzo, Chief Technology Officer, Syniverse, was recently in India to inaugurate the company’s new office in Bangalore. Business Line met him to understand the global trends in the mobile segment and what Indian telcos can do to keep pace with the changing demands.

How important is the Indian market for you?

India is strategically very important. It’s the second largest mobile market in the world. And I think that overall, we have very good hopes that we will be able to develop a lot of business here. We already have a lot of business here — both with operator customers and with enterprise customers. and we will see both of those growing by leaps and bounds in the next few years in India.Source

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