TRAI chief dissatisfied with broadband speed, growth

January 30, 2014

traiMobile subscribers get low-speed Internet connectivity and broadband growth in the country is ‘poor’, TRAI Chairman Rahul Khullar said. “In India, things are not very optimistic. Here, we have very low speeds on our mobiles and on all our devices. Our broadband connection growth is poor,” he said at a seminar organised by Amity University.
The government has revised minimum broadband speed in country from download speed of 256 kilobit per second to 512 kbps from last July. Theoretically, a high speed mobile broadband under 3G services can deliver top speed of 21 megabit per second which means that a movie can be downloaded in about 4 minutes. Telecom operators claim that they deliver speed of 2-4 mbps, which means that a movie can be downloaded in 40-20 minutes. Source

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