The painful evolution of India’s telecom industry

February 11, 2017

In one telling of the history of India’s telecom revolution, former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi and Sam Pitroda laid its foundations back in the 1980s. True or not—it has been argued that the revolution’s true progenitor was the Atal Bihari Vajpayee administration with its 1999 National Telecom Policy—Gandhi’s tragic assassination meant that he would never see its fruition.

In Cell Phone Nation, Robin Jeffrey and Assa Doron note that on the night of his assassination in 1991, it “took news agencies nearly an hour to begin telling the people of India that Gandhi was dead”—unsurprising given that there were six phones per 1,000 people in the country at the time.

The Indian telecommunications sector might be at an inflection point as significant as the first mobile phone revolution, centred this time around data—but with that, it must also contend with instability.
(Source: Live Mint)

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