Telin Singapore is the first operator across South East Asia to be MEF CE 2.0 Full Service certified

September 28, 2014

TelinTelekomunikasi Indonesia International Pte Ltd (Telin Singapore), a member of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk, a state-owned telecommunication and network provider has achieved the industry’s highest level of certification for the design and delivery of Carrier Ethernet (CE) Network Services with 8 services.

Telin Singapore is recognized as having a robust carrier network infrastructure, and is ready to deliver advanced connectivity services to enterprises including financial services, mining and the manufacturing industries between Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore.

“This is a very significant milestone for the future business growth of Telin Singapore and this development will continue to solidify the trust from our customers in utilizing our Ethernet Network Connectivity Services.” said Sendang Praptomo, Head of Business Development and Strategic planning of Telin Singapore. “We are able to demonstrate quality and credibility in our products and services offering in order to meet the needs of our enterprise customers. We look forward to build partnerships with other CE 2.0 APAC network providers to have interconnections in order to extend our network coverage and solutions across Asia Pacific Region.”

To receive the certification, Telin Singapore demonstrated that its Carrier Ethernet services comply with a host of relevant and rigorous MEF specifications and testing. The MEF has granted Telin Singapore CE 2.0 certification to the complete portfolio of 8 CE 2.0 Services including E-Line, E-Tree, E-LAN and E-Access across 3 regions covering Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

“CE 2.0 is a highly challenging and significant accreditation to achieve, and to receive accreditation for the complete MEF certification portfolio is an outstanding achievement, one that demonstrates the quality of Telin Singapore’s network services capability. MEF CE 2.0 Certification creates an important standard of deployment for the marketplace,” said Nan Chen, President of the MEF.

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