MEF-CECPs in 40 Countries

February 27, 2013

MEFThe MEF has announced that there are now 571 MEF Carrier Ethernet Certified Professionals (MEF-CECPs) in 142 employer organizations in 40 countries around the globe. The program, launched in mid-2011, is now being adopted by major Carrier Ethernet organizations as a formal requirement for key technical positions, with APAC service providers and equipment vendors appearing among the top 5 MEF-CECP employers in the MEF rankings.

“My congratulations to the nearly 600 Carrier Ethernet professionals that have already achieved MEF-CECP certification,” commented Nan Chen, MEF President. “With Ethernet Business Services revenues forecast to be $40 – $50bn by 2015, service providers, equipment vendors and enterprises are now able to recruit talent to internationally recognized Carrier Ethernet knowledge and skill levels. Individuals also now have a path to varying levels of professional recognition and accomplishments.”

The MEF also reports that currently 52% of MEF-CECPs are based in North America, and 25% in APAC, followed by 18% in Europe. The top three job responsibilities held by MEF-CECPs are sales engineering, product management and network engineering. The MEF has also recently boosted its program of MEF-accredited training which is now offered by 7 third party companies – both specialist training providers and equipment vendor with customer-facing training groups.

(Courtesy: NetEvents)

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