India’s Broadband User Base Crosses 300 Mln

August 29, 2017

The broadband subscriber base reached 300.84 in June 2017 showing a growth of 3.17% when compared to the May 2017 figure of 291.61 million.
Of the 300 million total broadband users, 281.99 million are wireless broadband users where as wireline or fixed line user base is at 18.33 million. Also, there are a paltry number of 5 lakh or .52 million fixed wireless broadband users in the country.
Fixed wireless broadband users are those who access internet over WiMax, VSAT, WiFi and Point to Point radio (Walky Talkie!) network.
While the wired broadband based grew at 0.58% in June over May, wireless broadband user base grew at 3.35% in the compared period. In India broadband has been defined by internet data speed of more than 512 kbps and all the 3G, 4G customers fall in this category.

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