HP Introduces Industry’s Only Complete Unified BYOD Solution

February 27, 2013

byodNew unified wired and wireless solutions that deliver a simple, scalable and secure network supporting BYOD initiatives are now available from HP.

More and more enterprises are seeing significant benefits from allowing employees to choose the device they use to get their jobs done, and are adopting bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives. In fact, a CIO survey conducted at Gartner Summits in the United States and Europe indicated that, by 2014, 80 percent of the global workforce will be eligible to participate in a BYOD program. While the BYOD trend increases flexibility and productivity, it introduces a host of new challenges for your IT administrators.

A key concern for IT is how to effectively secure and manage the network and application access for personally-owned devices. User‑owned devices cannot easily be identified, and therefore managed by your IT department. Malware infected clients can compromise your network security when allowed access to the network or vital business applications and information Security is not the only challenge.

You might still rely on traditional separate wired and wireless networks and management tools that increase maintenance overhead and can’t provide the flexible access policies that personally-owned devices require. Your enterprise needs to think beyond essential BYOD access and consider the critical need for unified wired and wireless visibility and management to streamline your overall network management
What are the advantages of a HP BYOD solution?

The HP BYOD solution solves challenges holistically with the following approaches:
Provides comprehensive user access management that delivers device onboarding, provisioning, and monitoringSupports multivendor environment with in-depth policy management
Meets the growing demand for wireless access with enterprise-scale wireless infrastructure
Allows for a continuous, optimized wireless experience for users

(Courtesy: NetEvents)

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