How telecom play is challenging in India

May 20, 2016

FDITelecom is, in many ways, a very unique market. It depends, for its lifeblood, on the government. This is because spectrum, the fundamental resource without which, mobile telecom service is, simply, impossible to provide, is held and allocated only by Government only. The other critical resources of Right of Way for setting up infrastructure and Number resources are also only available from Govt.
Apart from these characteristics, it should also be appreciated that, in this industry, amazingly, a player has to remain interconnected with his or her business rivals/competitors in order to survive! Otherwise, it is curtains for both/all. This is indeed unique. One struggles to imagine a Maruti Udyog having to be interconnected with Toyota and/or Mercedes Benz or a Tata Steel needing to cohabit with Essar or Jindal Steel for survival of either or all… Source

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