DustPhotonics Rolls out 400 Gigabit QSFPDD Optical Transceivers

June 3, 2018

DustPhotonics, the newest high performance optical transceiver company enabling revolutionary cost-effective optical communications, today formally announces it’s inception to address the exponential demand for more bandwidth at lower cost in cloud, datacenters, HPC and enterprise networks.

Headquartered in Modi’in, Israel, with offices in Cupertino, California, DustPhotonics is led by Ben Rubovitch, Chief Executive Officer, Kobi Hasharoni, Chief Technology Officer, and Amir Geron, Vice President of Engineering, bringing together vast experience in the optical communications industry.

DustPhotonics is partnering with data center infrastructure companies across the world to deliver the highest speed short to mid-range optical connectivity. The Company designs products for all standard optical form factors at data rates of 25Gbps to up 400Gbps and is currently ramping production of 400Gbps QSFPDD-SR8 and OSFP-SR8 modules.

“With optical transceivers now in ever increasing demand and with the limitations of copper interconnects, optical technology has clearly reached the tipping point. We are only at the beginning of ever increasing demand for high speed optical interconnect,” said Ben Rubovitch, CEO. “DustPhotonics is pleased to support the world-wide optical design initiative through our commitment to manufacturing open and innovative optical networking products that enable a dynamic, reliable, bandwidth rich datacenter.”

The Company’s patented optical solution and system design offers a simplified, high performance scalable manufacturing process that addresses the industry’s on-going challenge for low cost optical connectivity with high yield production flow.

“The optical module industry for client-side interfaces is transitioning to the next speed hike of 400Gbps while more advanced optical interconnect solutions are starting to appear,” says Roy Rubenstein, editor of Gazettabyte and co-author of a book on Silicon Photonics. “This is a good time to enter the market – albeit a highly competitive one – with new technologies.”

“The market for 400Gbps optics is projected to reach $2 billion by 2022…assuming that suppliers can meet cost and power consumption targets,” said Vladimir Kozlov, Founder and CEO of LightCounting Market Research.

“DustPhotonics has enabled a cost effective, next generation packaging technology for 400Gbps applications that are ready to take off,” said Lip-Bu Tan, Chairman of Walden International and Cadence CEO.

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