Cost of telecom services in India “possibly the lowest in the world

February 3, 2019

Piyush Goyal

While the income tax declaration was understandably the highlight factor of interim budget 2019-2020, acting Finance Minister Piyush Goyal had a bunch of interesting observations about the Indian mobile phone and telecom industries.

Standing in for Arun Jaitley and stating a landmark budget that effectively contributes well to the Indian youth and middle class, Goyal stated, “The cost of data and voice calls in India is now possibly the lowest in the world.”

Furthermore, he noted that the industry of mobile phone manufacturing is slowly beginning to show its strength in India, with mobile phone companies, assembly plants and component manufacturing companies are gradually contributing strongly to jobs and earnings in both urban and rural areas.

He noted, “Mobile and its parts manufacturing companies have grown from two to 268 now.” However, while his calculation period is probably the last fiscal year, the figure may vary a little if India’s myriad, often-unregistered shops and vendors are taken into account. Source

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