Broadband speed up in India, but still lowest in APAC

May 17, 2014

telecmAverage broadband speed in India has increased by 31 per cent to 1.5 Mbps over the past one year but this is still the lowest in the Asia-Pacific region. According to the Akamai Technologies’ ‘State of the Internet Report’, broadband speed in India was still lagging behind other countries, including South Korea (highest in the region with 21.9 Mbps), Hong Kong (12.2 Mbps), Taiwan (8.3 Mbps), Singapore (7.9 Mbps), Thailand (4.8 Mbps) and China (3.4 Mbps).

However, India’s broadband adoption rate reached 3.6 per cent, which was a 97 per cent YoY change, the report said. It said the global average connection speed continued to improve, with a quarterly increase of 5.5 per cent, reaching 3.8 Mbps. Source

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