Automation Eases Complexity of Multi-Layer Transport Networks

April 7, 2014

Mark Showalter, Senior Director Marketing, Infinera

Infinera, provider of Intelligent Transport Networks, is offering to the APAC telecommunications industry new automation solutions to simplify the operation of multi-layer transport networks. Announced today at NetEvents Global Press & Analyst Summit, Infinera’s solution includes the industry’s first super-channel FlexROADM (reconfigurable optical add drop multiplexer), the first standards based multi-layer control plane for spectrum switched optical networks (SSON) and the first 500 gigabit per second (Gb/s) flexible-grid super-channels. Combining Infinera’s DTN-X packet optical transport networking platform with these new solutions enables multi-layer automation of Intelligent Transport Networks.

“Infinera continues to drive innovation in the optical communications industry,” commented Ron Kline, Principal Analyst at Ovum. “Adding super-channel FlexROADM capabilities to its unique photonic integrated circuit based architecture deepens the company’s differentiation. A unified control plane with multi-layer automation provides needed flexibility at a time when communications service providers really need it.”

“The DTN-X has proven itself with several of our customers as a world class packet-optical transport network platform,” added ToshiKibe, Director and Managing Executive Officer, General Manager, Marketing Division at Nissho Electronics. “Last year, the Infinera DTN-X demonstrated its capability as a future proof platform by showcasing the benefits of seamless packet integration and Carrier SDN, and today’s APAC launch points the way to the next generation of simpler, more flexible optical networks. Nissho strongly believes that the Infinera solutions are well suited to APAC telecom market needs.”

Recent Infinera projects in the region include the upgrade on Telstra Global’s network of multiple ultra-long haul submarine cable routes to optimise their capacity and provide greater scalability and reliability, and the deployment of Infinera DTN-X packet optical transport networking across Australia Japan Cable’s submarine network.

Multi-layer transport networks blend the efficiency of digital switching with the scale of optical switching to create the communication foundation of cloud-based services and the Internet.
Three key solutions for the Infinera Intelligent Transport Network make it easier for operators to automate the digital switching and the optical transport layers of their multi-terabit transport networks:

• Super-Channel FlexROADM for Scalable Optical Switching. Infinera’s converged switching capabilities have been enhanced to feature a new, purpose-built super-channel FlexROADM. The FlexROADM is colorless, directionless and contention-less (CDC) and is available in C, CD, and CDC versions up to nine degrees. When combined with the multi-terabit OTN switching of the DTN-X platform, service providers now have a converged multi-layer solution with digital grooming of client services and optical switching of efficiently filled super-channels. Together these enable service providers to respond quickly to changing service and traffic demands while simplifying network operations.

• Standards Based Control Plane for Multi-Layer Transport Automation.Infinera’s widely deployed standards based control plane now extends transport automation beyond super-channels to control the FlexROADM, which is compliant with the Internet Engineering Task Force’s (IETF) SSON framework. For the first time, the same standards based multi-layer control plane controls the digital OTN switching for point and click service establishment as well as the switching of flexible grid super-channels at the optical layer. This combination uniquely enables service providers to automate everything in the Intelligent Transport Network.

• Flexible Grid Super-Channels for Efficient Long-Haul Transmission.Infinera’s third generation of 500 Gb/s super-channels takes full advantage of large scale photonic integrated circuit technology and the FlexCoherent Processor™ to deliver the industry’s first single-card long haul flexible grid super-channels. Infinera customers have deployed almost one petabit per second of Infinera’s first and second generation FlexCoherent super-channels since the introduction of the DTN-X platform in 2012.

“At Infinera we work closely with our customers to understand when and where to best introduce technology innovations that drives the most value,” said Andrew Bond-Webster, Infinera’s VP Sales APAC. “Infinera is the first to deliver multi-layer automation of transport networks to help our customers deliver services faster while simultaneously lowering operational costs. This is great news for the highly competitive APAC telecoms market.”

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