Anaplan previews predictive analytics

May 30, 2016

Anaplan, the Smart Business Platform, unveiled predictive analytics capabilities that enable foresight into the most complex planning and operating scenarios.Anaplan2
Anaplan makes predictive data available in real time to departments across an entire business, ensuring that all analytics are updated dynamically and that decision-makers have the same instant access.
“Global companies are increasingly adopting predictive analytics, but don’t have the ability to easily simulate or configure those analytics to reflect reality for decision-makers in a way where they can confidently take action,” said Simon Tucker, Chief Product Officer.
Simon added: “Anaplan overcomes this by seamlessly connecting the predictive functionality with the modeling and planning functions regular business people use everyday in Anaplan. These new functions can be applied to use cases across the business spectrum, from optimizing airline flight delay predictions to clinical trial success to sales forecasting.”
Anaplan’s predictive capabilities will initially be introduced for statistical forecasting in demand planning, sales and operations planning, corporate planning and budgeting, sales forecasting, and customer support. Future capabilities will extend to workforce optimization, supply network planning, transportation assignment, product marketing, and many more.
“Predictive analytics bring powerful new insights to the planning world, and Anaplan is an early mover in offering this capability to enterprises. Of all the business processes, planning and modeling are among those that can most benefit from the addition of predictive analytics to enhance human intelligence,” commented Doug Henschen, Constellation Research.
Capabilities like Monte Carlo simulations, smoothing methods, and multivariable linear regression will add advanced statistical forecasting and modeling processes across all business operations.
Predictive capabilities are now in closed beta with select customers. They will be introduced to Anaplan’s Smart Business Platform™ later this year.
The new capabilities were previewed at Hub16, the annual event for people using Anaplan’s business planning platform and apps. Hub16 runs through Wednesday, May 11 at the Masonic Theater and the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. More than 1,500 technology innovators, analysts, and business executives are attending, including executives from Anaplan customers and partners such as Deloitte, DocuSign, Kellogg Company, and Splunk.

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