Aerohive launches first software defined LAN Wi-Fi solution

September 26, 2016

untitledAerohive Networks has unveiled a solution for the Software Defined LAN (SD-LAN), which it says redefines the access layer with flexible wireless and wired networking capabilities.

SD-LAN is a new architecture for access networks designed for organizations struggling to adapt their network to the constantly changing demands of mobility and their business.

Aerohive is leading the shift to SD-LAN in the enterprise and is the first to deliver solutions for this new architecture. Aerohive’s SD-LAN capabilities include a new line of cloud-managed access switches; the AP250, a Wave 2 802.11ac access point with software definable dual 5 GHz radios; the latest release of HiveManager NG cloud-delivered network and policy management; dynamic application and identity-driven network performance; and an open API platform. All of this makes Aerohive the first to deliver software defined access for adaptable, flexible, and cost-effective wireless and wired access networking.

Modern networks must continuously adjust and adapt to keep up with the pace of change that mobility has created, something unachievable in traditional network architectures. SD-LAN builds on the principles of Software-Defined Networks (SDN) in the data center and the Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) to create a new approach to adaptable, flexible, and cost-effective wireless and wired access network.

This builds an application and policy driven architecture, unchaining hardware and software layers while offering self-organizing and centrally managed networks that are simpler to operate, integrate, and scale. Aerohive is the first vendor to articulate and deliver an SD-LAN solution.

SD-LAN defines 5 key attributes for dynamic next-generation access networks:
Application Optimized – Prioritizes and dynamically changes the performance and behavior of the network based on the applications that use the network, focusing network resources where they best serve the organization’s most important activities.
Identity Driven – Dynamically defines what individual users, clients, and things can do when they access the SD-LAN. Secure granular context based access policies that can be applied to just one user and device or groups of users and devices.
Adaptable Wired and Wi-Fi Access Layer – Wireless access points and access switches that can intelligently respond as changes in network configuration and requirements occur. This includes control protocols to deliver self-optimization, self-healing, and device behavior that can be manipulated through software.
Cloud Managed – Centralized management of operations and policies, with policy changes distributed in real-time to switches and access points, across the distributed access network infrastructure. Cloud management keeps networks dynamic, tightly managed, and cost effective to operate.
Open APIs – Programmable interfaces that allow tight integration of network and applications infrastructures, enabling the network to provide new insights and integrate with the rest of the operations framework.

“One of the great advantages with Aerohive’s SD-LAN is that not only is it an intuitive solution and easy to manage, but as our needs change and expand, we also can adopt and add enterprise features and adapt the network as required,” explains Roman Kern, senior director of programs and operations, MassChallenge. “It was important to MassChallenge to find a solution partner that was also entrepreneurial at heart, and that understood our mission and vision. We are confident Aerohive is able to support and connect with us at all levels.”

“The College of William & Mary has relied on Aerohive for many years to provide enterprise wireless networking,” said Norman Elton, network engineer, The College of William & Mary. “At the start, we deployed a network designed for capacity, and now are excited to embrace Aerohive’s vision for software defined networking to support next-generation access. We recently started deploying Aerohive’s SD-LAN AP250 access points with software-driven intelligence across our campus, and look forward to continuing to roll out more of Aerohive’s innovation in this new market direction.”

“Digital transformation significantly improves the performance and reach of an enterprise, and has become a top priority for IT and business leaders across the globe,” states Zeus Kerravala, principal analyst, ZK Research. “Companies that are most adaptable to change will sustain market leadership. A networking solution with SD-LAN will enable overall infrastructure to be more agile, flexible and dynamic. Cloud-based solutions offered from Aerohive enable virtualization of the access edge, and prioritize adaptability, customer experience and workforce productivity.”

Aerohive’s new SD-LAN solution builds on core capabilities developed by Aerohive over the last 10 years as well as its new access points, switches, and cloud management capabilities. Aerohive has built software driven intelligence into every aspect of access networks, including:

Application Visibility and Control – Combining a sophisticated Quality of Service (QoS) engine and a deep-packet inspection firewall at the edge of the network, Aerohive provides dynamic optimization that adapts with applications, network, and business needs.
Context-Based Policies – Defining which users, devices, and things can enter the network, then granularly controlling what they are able to do once connected through role-based access controls, including time of day or location-based access, VLAN management, application rights, and bandwidth.
Distributed Access Infrastructure – Aerohive’s newest switches and wireless access points directly support SD-LAN deployments. The Aerohive AP250 access point delivers self-optimizing, self-healing and self-organizing operation, with software selectable, dual 5 GHz radios, an integrated USB port for IoT readiness, and built-in Bluetooth Low Energy for iBeacon services. Unique cooperative control for Wi-Fi increases speed, scale, and resilience for enterprise networks of any size. Aerohive’s cloud-managed enterprise switches prepare organizations for a SD-LAN with a unified wired and wireless edge, available in a range of port densities, from desktop to rack mount, all managed through HiveManager NG.
Next-Generation Cloud Management – HiveManager NG reduces complexity and cost with a single application for centralized automation and programmable management. Offered as a public or private cloud solution, HiveManager NG delivers a new approach to deployment and support of modern access networks. Aerohive continues its cloud innovation with the latest release of HiveManager NG.
Applications and Insights – Aerohive’s open API platform delivers value beyond connectivity, with programmable interfaces that allow customers to build customized IT and business applications that leverage their own network driven data.


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